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Once you decided to collect postage stamps, the first thing to do is to choose a certain topic for your collection.

Many years ago when I began my collection, I wanted to get stamps from each country in the world. Today, there are numerous countries producing many stamp types each year. All in all, forming a world catalog, wouldn’t be an easy task.
I suggest that you start your postage stamp catalog focusing on the stamps available in your country for two important reasons. First, you already know the things you need to know about the country, meaning that it’s a good place to start. And second, the postage stamps are available from your local post office and mail packages that arrive to your place. This is just a suggestion, of course, if you have a favorite country, or if your mind is set on a particular matter, you should start your postage stamp catalog with that.
A very commonly used method of collecting is to take a subject or idea of interest and create your postage stamp catalog around it. This method is called thematic collecting. For example, you may enjoy sports and set your mind to create your postage stamp catalog around that subject.
Other important ways of collecting can be found into the following categories:
Worldwide catalogs: postage stamps from all countries from 1840 to present, geographic catalogs which spin around collecting stamps of a single country or a group of countries.
Specialized collections are usually made around the stamps of a individual country, but sometimes are restricted to a little group of stamps.
Usually, the starters want to get lots and lots of postage stamps for their postage stamp album. One of the best means to make a good start is to buy a big pack of used postage stamps from a stamp trader. I also recommend ebay, which is a rich generator of postage stamps available for purchasing.
In my opinion, the greatest and the cheapest way to grow your collection is by asking your relatives and friends to save the postage stamps, for your postage stamp catalog, from all their letters. It’s even better that you ask for the whole used envelope, this way you’ll make sure the stamp isn’t getting damaged while being removed, at least not by them.
If you choose to purchase packets of stamps, start by buying the largest possible pack. Why? It provides a good start with enough variety to make it interesting, and second, it avoids duplication.
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