Insight: Steampunk Fashion Becomes Popular Culture in 2017

Steampunk fashion combines the important elements of two very significant, pivotal eras of human history: Victorian Era and Industrial Revolution. This means a lot of laces, frizzles, and hats, combined with goggles, brass gears, and steam-machines. The color theme for steampunk fashion follows the steam colors of the industrial revolution: black, brown, and/or white with earthly tones of mineral green, midnight blue, and ruby scarlet, added to the mix.

To get a concrete idea of steampunk fashion, let us gather the essential pieces of Steampunk clothing.

  1. Corsets

Corsets are a must for steampunk fashion. Why? Because corsets are central to Victorian Era clothing. In fact, it wouldn’t be Victorian at all if there are no corsets. Any type of corset will do. May it be full, brocade, underbust, and whatnot. As long as it is present, it will instantly scream “Victorian right here!” to your outfit.

But unlike the Victorian era, you will have to wear your corsets outside instead of inside.

  1. Top Hats

Hats for men are as essential as corsets are to women. Well, actually, hats are a very important thing for both men and women to wear during the Victorian Era. Truth is, it is actually considered to be rude for any person to go out without anything covering one’s head. Thankfully, steampunk is not very strict on this matter. However, wearing a hat will instantly give a Victorian flair to the outfit like seen in this steampunk shop

  1. Goggles

Steampunk is not steampunk without goggles. Goggles are the distinguishing mark of steampunk. Much like feathers are to a bird, or fins are to a fish. You simply cannot live in the steampunk universe without goggles. Of course, this does not mean that you have to wear your goggles like they you can’t see anything beyond a 10-mile radius without them. You can attach them on the top of your head, or have them decorate your hat. Any form of goggles-manifestation will do. 

  1. Anything steam-mechanical

By “steam-mechanical”, we mean anything that a steam-machine inventor would have in his laboratory. This includes gears, bolts, chains, screws, and such. You can get very creative in this area. You can attach these as accessories to your hat. Or you can have them glittering on your skirt in a symmetrical fashion. Others even have them spiralling around their arms. Go wild with your creativity!

  1. Arm/ Wrist Bracers

Leather and/or metallic bracers add a lot of flair to your outfit. You see, bracers are thought to be important forms of arm protection. It is easy to imagine why you might need to protect your arms around steam engines. Aside from such a practical use, having more bits of metallic or leather pieces to your outfit will provide a better emphasis of steampunk fashion.

These are some of the essential pieces of clothing you will need to remember to create your own wonderful steampunk outfit. Steampunk fashion is very versatile that allows you a lot of room for experimentation and fun! Find freedom of individual expression in your steampunk outfits. Never be afraid to express yourself!